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Are you planning to harness your data to develop new avenues for your business using AI model? Have you considered improving business productivity and turn-around cycle in your operation using Generative AI? Or you are looking for guidance in AI journey by defining use-cases and exploring the art of possibility for your business.  

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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What we do ?

Our experts at OneSight have experience analyzing your data and collaborating with your business to guide and define use-case. We have solution accelerators, methodology and approach that can help you accelerate and integrate Generative AI within your enterprise.  We have a well-defined approach to develop solutions using Azure Open AI for your business.  


Our experts will run initial discovery sessions and share the power of Generative AI beyond what your see in mainstream media.  We will further conduct workshops to help you identify different areas of where the generative AI can bring benefits to enterprise along with its impact and complexity. 

Define Use-case

Our solution architect will conduct a joint session with your stakeholders from business and IT to understand the current state. Conduct a brief review on data estate, business process and applications to brainstorm use cases requiring Gen AI techniques to define the future state. Use case documents will be developed as part of this exercise. 

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

To validate the solution and use case, our engineers will engage in short engagement to develop the one use-case and demonstrate the AI solution to business and IT stakeholders. This will enable us to measure the complexity of the solution and process involved in realizing the use-case. It will assist in extrapolating and estimating the size of the whole engagement. 

Advisory and Monitoring

Our engineers will monitor the solution and make improvements to fine-tune the configuration and optimize it based on the data and model.  

Solution Acceleration

OneSight will form a pod with a mix of engineers having AI/ML, Data, Cloud and DevOps to accelerate the solution. This solution pod will design and implement solutions to achieve business outcomes. Our engineers will collaborate with the incumbent team to extend and integrate the new solution with existing application and data.  Our team will help you  choose best practice toolsets and pre-built frameworks aligning with your requirements that can fast track the solution delivery  

Why Do You Need AI Consulting From OneSight?

Businesses are seen as little more than profit-driven interactions in the enormous technological world. OneSight, on the other hand, has a different viewpoint; we view you as a long-term partner, and our success is closely related to yours. As a committed solution provider, we are proud of our experienced staff in Azure Open AI. We aim to help you easily incorporate the Aure Open AI  into your environment.

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